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Made in China. Why Not by our Community?

Feeling especially creative today?

Maybe you just might want to sit back down and forget about it.

My CRAP💩ILATOR invention

Crapilator 1

Crapilator 3

Crapilator 2

Enter for no more flushing

So you wanna hear about a great new invention, huh?

Signed this poo💩-day of September 2021

It sort of broke up the monotony of fighting off the internal terrorists.

Man Eats Flies and turns into sick human

Eat your flies and stop complainingRead More

Don't eat Flies

*Unless properly prescribed

An adventure with free electricity.

Wash these Hands?!Corona Virus 2 More

Comparatively Speaking.

Garage Sale 🏷

Great Garage Sale DealsEnter Here

Gaming Consoles, Breaker Boxes, Grinders, Adapters and more

Some stuff just has to go

Need a place to get rid of that dirt, branches or grass-clippings?

2803 Troy Road
Springfield Community Recycling

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Communications is a step toward creative thinking, problem-solving, and economic and social recovery.
🆕 World-famous Spider 🍵 Soup Recipe

Friend Spider SoupRead More

Chef Kenny ala`garage reveals unique "ice-breaker" soup recipe.

But first, let's get to know our food better, shall we?

Off-Grid Electricity

Free Solar ElectricityRead More

What started out as a curious purchase of a solar panel, soon became a hobby.

Time-Out for Bird

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